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Lesson from Cycling and Blogging-Momentum



When you ride a bike, you rely on momentum in order to climb uphill. I learned this a great deal when I started riding fixed gear. Single speed bikes improve your cadence and   technique. You are always on the lookout because not paying attention will have dire consequences.

In Physics, momentum  is the quantity of motion of a moving body. The faster you pedal before the incline, the greater the amount of force that the bike will generate to push you upwards. And this is all about timing. If you try to build momentum while already on the incline, it will be difficult and most of the time this will result to getting off the bike.

This is what I feel being away from the computer for sometime. I need to get that ‘finger frenzy’ so the flow will happen. Without that, I will just be staring at a blank screen doing nothing for the rest of the day. And there were times it even crossed over to my work which is the last thing I want to happen!

I got sick for a few days and that enabled me to get the rest I needed. I started listening to music again without the thought that I need to review them. I just listened…not thinking that I need to write about it and that’s how I developed that sense of discovery once again. All of us do things for the purpose of discovering a feeling or physical sensation. I got into cycling because I was fighting emotional pain. I have to admit it doesn’t stop but as long as I am on the saddle, then I will always have that equilibrium.

So, momentum is attainable when we  get the proper rest we deserve(mentally and physically). We also need to recognize the loss of it, resulting to the loss of our creative drive. In my case, that happens when I am caught up with a different kind of activity or if I am exhausted. We can’t wait for momentum to happen. We need to create an environment to facilitate it e.g. a clean environment or a good rest.

I am always grateful whenever there is momentum. It is something that turns the cogs in our souls driving us to great discoveries. I am adding a beautiful song to this post because it really reflects the idea I am trying to impart. It’s called Feeling Free by Paula.

I Love Riding My Bicycle.


It is interesting to note that between this post and my last post(about a young Irish wakeboarder champion), I was learning how to ride a bicycle. How time flies. Now I know how to ride and I will be getting my second bicycle soon. My first was a mountain bike. The next will be a road bike. Just a single speed no frills toy, but with striking colors. I will post it here soon, along with the picture of my mountain bike.

There is a thread that runs through this whole blog. And it is all about recovering after a tragedy. Yes I am writing about fighting depression and I do it through physical activity. And I fight every day. Because it doesn’t stop. But it gets easier. We deal with pain and it makes living easier.

I embrace the idea that optimists always try to find that little light inside the shadows of our hearts so we can continue to live…and I don’t mean just living for ourselves. We also live for others. I read a quote today and it says ” Be someone’s moon on a dark hopeless night.” I think caring for others takes the burden away from our selves because now the focus goes outward.

So back to cycling, I had no idea I would be this enthusiastic. When I was a kid I would watch other kids with envy as they rode their bikes. I had a terrible sense of balance. But when you are determined, no hell can keep you away from accomplishing your desires. And that’s what happened. For two weeks I got myself a paid instructor and  I woke up early (around 5 am) in order to learn. When I got the mastery nothing can keep me away from riding.

Through cycling, I made friends with like-minded people. I started learning about road rules. I also became fearless of being out there. It also got me around town and made me learn more about the community I am living in.It really changed my life.

So a bicycle is not just a toy or a practical mode of transport. I can be something else. A magical creature that can open doors of possibility more than you can imagine. So next time you meet a cyclist, think about the stories behind the helmet. How he or she got there and also the stories that he or she can tell while on the road. And maybe you will also ride your own bike and find the adventure that you seek. Find magic. Find hope and light when you are in a dark place.

Wakeboard Champion David O’Caoimh Opens Up About His Phenomenal Sport


1922303_843248009041811_2330442516019922777_nDavid O’Caoimh

David O’Caoimh (you say it like David O’ Queeve) just turned 23 late last year. He has already accomplished many things. A frequent winner in the World Cup Championships, he usually wakes up early in the morning.He devotes the rest of the day to his wakeboarding. This also involves him teaching enthusiastic first timers learning the tricks. It ends with him uploading the day’s events on his YouTube channel, thus inspiring thousands of youths all over the world.

He loves interacting with his students and fans.

“I love doing what I love, which is mostly wakeboarding!! But I also love having the craic with the lads, cars, and going for a bounce on the trampoline!”

It is a great pleasure to have an interview with him. This was done when he was in Dubai and it’s just a spur- of -the -moment decision when I realised we have been chatting through social media that time. If you haven’t yet, do add him :

  • What got you into wakeboarding?

My parents used to do a lot of windsurfing up on a lake in Cavan. I was young at the time so never really got into it. Then our neighbour got a speed boat and so I used to go waterskiing on weekends with him (this is when I was about 5 haha) and then I did that for about 5 years. Then when I was 10 I discovered wakeboarding…. and boom! I’ve been hooked since!

  • Is it popular in Ireland?

It’s growing massively here in Ireland! We have had an increase in parks and wakeboard clubs opening around the country, and this is awesome as it brings new people to the sport. It’s actually amazing to see all the fresh faces at the parks and also at the grassroots competitions! The awareness has gotten to a new level. Nobody used to know what Wakeboarding was in Ireland 5 years ago. Now most people do. Particularly the younger generations!

  • What are the benefits of wakeboarding?

The benefits are insane. Mentally and physically no matter what age, or level you’re at. After your first time wakeboarding, you’ll find muscles you never you knew had, and they will be sore! haha But good sore! It’s amazing fitness and it’s brilliant as you don’t notice yourself doing the exercise like you would in a gym. It’s very easy to motivate yourself.

Mentally, like any sport it’s phenomenal. It really makes you focus, but the best thing it does, is it often gives you the sense of achievement from progress. Like when you land something new you really are buzzing with pride and joy, and I think that’s a good feeling to have for anyone and everyone!

  • What’s your advice to someone who hasn’t done this but who is planning to get into the sport?

I guess my biggest advice to someone who is thinking of getting into the sport is; ‘DO IT!!’. Like it really is amazing. Obviously I’m going to say that, but it’s funny, I’ve been teaching a few ‘first timers’ lately, and they are genuinely shocked at how much they enjoy it. I will personally guarantee you, no matter how old, young, small or tall you are, you will walk away with a big fat smile on your face! So my advice, is do it, and go from there!

  • You’ve won many awards since 2011! You are quite famous. What’s the advantage of having your name up there among the top athletes of the world?

Hahah, thank you! Yeah it’s been a crazy few years and I’m grateful for every single one of them. There’s a lot of great advantages, but theres one that really sticks out, and that is ‘Opportunity’. I was in school and then college until mid 2013, and then I guess I was in a position where I would just about be able to go full time into the sport that I love. I know if things hadn’t have gone well for the 2 years before hand that I would have never have had the opportunity to do this. So I guess that’s the biggest advantage! &#X1f60a

  • You are in Dubai right? How do you prepare physically and mentally for your hectic schedules?

Yes, I’m in Dubai right now, it’s an incredible place! haha it’s difficult to prepare! I mean it’s difficult and easy at the same time. Difficult because it’s hard to maintain a good diet when traveling, as well as it actually takes it’s toll on how often you can train. In July or August I could be going to 3 competition, in 3 different countries, in 3 weeks. Which by the time you travel doesn’t leave much time to train. So I just try and train as hard and as well as I can when I am home and have the time!

It’s also easy though. Like travelling is really great, if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I’d probably be saving up all my money from my job to go on holidays. So it’s actually a good thing! haha.

  • What are your memorable experiences being there?

My most memorable experience in Dubai?! I’m going to have to go with the culture! It’s way different. Very similar to the ‘American Dream’, but at the same time very multi-cultured. It’s weird. But I’ve enjoyed taking it all in and meeting people from all over the world working here in various industries!

That, and also, I think I’ve realised here that I actually enjoy coaching! haha. It sounds crazy but I never used to do much coaching, probably because I was a shy child, but I’m really enjoying it here and it’s made me want to do more of it!

  • What’s next after Dubai?

I come home from Dubai late Saturday (9th April). I’ll maybe chill a bit on Sunday with my friends and family, and then that week I’m going to just go back to normal, wakeboarding everyday at home and eating home cooked meals! hahah. I am also very very close to launching a new online coaching site (DOCWAKE) so I’ll be working hard to get that up by mid April! Then I have a few bits and bobs around the country before I head to Spain at the beginning of May! &#X1f60a &#X1f60a

  • Your message to enthusiasts/subscribers of your YouTube channel?

My message to my subscribers and followers. I guess I’ve never thought of that…. I don’t really preach anything or have a direct message to them. I hope they see how I don’t take everything too seriously and just enjoy myself with my friends doing what I love. I hope that they take a bit of that and apply it to themselves and their own lives, as well as maybe just being fit, healthy and happy! Lately I try to do tutorial videos for wakeboarding so that they can feel that progression feeling because for me that’s the best feeling in the world!

1965043_721357564564190_676281731_nPhoto by  Luke Lee Photography at Xtreme Gene Wakeboard and Waterski

The Power of the Brain!

Call it whatever you want :a beautiful instrument or a weapon. Our brain is fascinating as it is literally who we are. I had this fantastic discussion with my friend Paula who shares my interests in brain Science and wellness. She is a synth-pop artist from England. I was telling her about my new hobby which is learning how to ride a bike.

“Your brain is forming new neural pathways re: learning to use a bike.
Learning new skills, although hard at first, is vital for your brain health and function so stick with it.
I watched a program about “How to stay Young” on the BBC these last 2 weeks, a documentary, and they said by age 70% on average humans have lost 20% of their brain capacity as our brain mass shrinks as part of the ageing process.
So keep doing new stuff basically!!! 
New skills, also walking increases the size of the hippocampus so going for longish walks is key too.
Below are two videos she shared with me. So enjoy. Always take care of your brain and your body. If you do that then they will take care of you too! I have learned that learning new skill is vital to our creativity.”- Paula.

Totally Inspiring:Mike Trees and Tri4Japan

Mike Trees has an Instagram account you should follow. With almost 20k followers and growing, his posts are liked by many people around the world. That includes me who stumbled upon his inspiring photos. And this is because of my growing devotion to fitness since I started last summer. As a kid I was teased for looking thin and awkward. My stamina was low and running made me feel like fainting. Now I feel that improvement and I can do many things because I don’t get tired easily.

But I know I have a looong way to go before I can be like Mike Trees. His bio says :

Mike Trees has been running since 1970’s but turned to multi-sport racing in the 80’s and became a professional triathlete competing in Asia during the 1990’s. He won the Japanese long distance and Olympic distance triathlon championships, as well as winning both British and Japanese national duathlon championships. His highest world ranking at duathlon was 2nd, which he achieved in 2002, after which he retired from professional racing. In 2012, Mike won both the ITU Sprint Triathlon and Aquathlon World championships (V50- 54) in Auckland, New Zealand, and he successfully defended his Aquathlon World title in Hyde Park London, in 2013- Source

He is the chairman of Tri4Japan. In March of 2011, Japan is hit by a disater worse than WWII.

“My Japanese wife Rieko and I lived in Japan for many years and have family and friends there.

On Friday 11th March 2011, we watched in horror when the earthquake and tsunami hit Eastern Japan.

We instantly knew we had to do something. One of the port towns called Kamaishi was literally washed away in front of our eyes…”

Quoting from his interview with Slowitch:

“We want to help people suffering in Kamaishi, as well as those affected all over Japan. However, we are just two people, with limited resources and limited time. But rather than watch in vain and prey, we put a stake in the ground and said “now is the time to act.” The earthquake and Tsunami we saw hit Kamaishi was the catalyst for our call to action.

Triathlon is all we know. I have been involved in triathlon for 25 years. It is not only our livelihood and our hobby, but a way of life. Although we say Tri4Japan, we want to include all sports; swim, bike run, endurance and sprint, individual and team. The true essence of our mission is that all people from all sports around the world come together and TRY FOR JAPAN. But in reality, the only area where we may exert a small amount of influence is the world of triathlon.”

Mike Trees have proven that the world of sports can inspire and help lives. I know it has done something for me. I have been overcoming depression since 2013 and I know that in order for me to go on, I must find a light at the end of the tunnel. I need to change my life and that also involved changing the landscapes of my mind and heart. And it has been my thread out of the labyrinth, and it continues to do so because when something so big happens it somehow changes you inside and out.

Follow his instagram account and share whatever saves you or inspires you.

David O’Caoimh Amazing Wakeboarder

I followed his Facebook posts and then added him via Snapchat. I realize he’s a cool fella as he takes the time to reply when you post questions. His videos go beyond the technicalities of wakeboarding. He is also telling us what it is like to be his age(early 20s) and to be able to go to places that a lot of people would love to be. But never do.

For those who are new to the sport,Wakeboarding involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water.The rider is usually towed behind a motorboat, typically at speeds of 30–40 km/h (18-25 mph), depending on the board size, rider’s weight, type of tricks, and rider’s comfort.

It is fun to watch people do this. David O’Caoimh is from Ireland and he also loves to teach wakeboarding to those who are interested. he travels around the world. His last Vlog was shot in Spain. Now just finished uploading his latest episode in Dubai.

Social Media:




Snapchat – Username: davidocaoimh


Your True Value


I am not cool (‘cool’ is exclusive not inclusive)
I don’t know a lot of things(Because trivia competition is so High School)
You talk I listen(listening is a show of love)
I wont judge(Because people change and everyone has a capacity to learn and grow)
Loving yourself also means loving your body/well-being and therefore you take good care of your health.
Time and time again you will meet people who will dismiss you as being weird of inadequate. They will invate your space and impose themselves leaving you feeling drained.
But only you can put yourself down. You don’t need to be angry if you know your true value. Stay happy.

Hope is Beautiful



Scars and all we are here because of hope.

I guess if there is one word that sums up my journey through life it’s HOPE. There are times when I wish I could give up hoping. When the most important person in my life was taken away from me, all I could think of through the automations was that my life is over. That’s it. My life will be a big black hole  and that I have nothing to do but to endure until the day I die.HEART

But little by little something shines. Like buds of wild flowers, everything comes to life. And I guess we are like wildflowers. No matter how many times nature or human beings burn us to the ground we will still sprout as it is our nature to do so and there is no getting away from it.

I started taking TRX classes apart from my usual physical regiment and I met new friends. And as usually the case, people I initially thought I would never get along with turn out to be the nicest. Time will reveal.So yes I no longer judge or trust my initial judgement of people. Relationships are about the amount of love and respect we give to each other. I have friendships that continue to grow through the years and I now see that the past failings were not exclusively my fault. I knew I did my part and if that other person failed to respect or love me then that is not my loss or fault.


Tea with my Canadian friend Brian. 

I have no idea how long I will continue to endure in this bubble of strength that has sustained me through years-both physical and emotional. But I am really grateful for what was given to me and what I can take out of life.

I think we must remember that we should never give up on believing in humanity. Being angry at people who fail to respond to discrimination or who turn a bling eye on the cruelties of life can drive them further away from the sense of goodness in their hearts. Fear is what drives us away from doing what is right. Let’s just chill and give them time. They will turn around. And I bet you, people can surprise you. Hope is beautiful.

Have You Watched The Paleo Way – Pete Evans interviews Seamus Mullen? Interesting.

I am currently doing TRX. The regular running and weightlifting have evolved into this. And when you are trying to take care of your body, you realise that you also need to pay attention to what you are eating. With so many opinions out there, it is good to know what works for you. This is a fascinating video as Pete Evans interviews Seamus Mullens.

What are good fats?

Is sugar really bad for you?

These things and more will be addressed in this video.

Emerald Heritage: There is something exciting about owning Irish land!

Do you want to be an Irish Squireen? This is Your Land!

There is a group in Ireland, determined to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape decided to take a new approach which benefits everyone, everywhere. Emerald Heritage is headed by Lyn Nelson, Founder and Director. She states in the group’s website that:

“..we are trying to preserve and enhance Ireland’s wonderful landscape. I was born and raised on the north coast of Ireland and have the local press there to thank for setting the Emerald Heritage wheels in motion. It was whilst persuing the pages of these newspapers that I first came to learn about the serious situation facing our native Irish woodlands  and how deforestation over hundreds of years had impacted so dramatically on our landscape.”

So where is this place?  It is located in Glens Wood (an extension of Craigagh Wood) located within the famous ‘Nine Glens of Antrim. This is a beautiful place as this is where The Game of Thrones used most of their scenes (the Westeros).

According to their mission statement:

Emerald Heritage was formed by Irish people for Irish people in response to the erosion of both Ireland’s landscape and aspects of our shared culture.

Not content to sit back as great swathes of Ireland’s natural habitat and history was put to the sword, never to return, we decided to act.

For an island famed for its sublime scenery and emerald hue it may come as a surprise to many to learn that Ireland is the least wooded country in Europe with just 1% of our native woodland remaining. Centuries of unchecked development has resulted in this sad statistic and unless something is done the landscape, together with the plants, birds, and animals that call it home, will be lost forever.

1%? That’s really sad considering that Ireland is famous for being “green’ and losing this beauty is extremely sad. I got excited when I read the FAQs. You know why? It says there that you can own a piece of land regardless of where you are in the world. I’ve always considered Ireland as a spiritual home and if this will help protect her natural resources and beauty, why not? One day I will visit and this will ensure that I will be a Squireen of my land, to plant my tree if I want to. Oh yes, to walk around and drink the beauty while listening to Enya, Clannad or The Chieftains!

Everything you need to know about owning a piece of land is in the FAQs section of the website. There are videos you can watch under the About Us section (which you should check as it gives you an idea how Emerald Heritage came into existence).

So what do you think? Sounds exciting huh? Sounds like a deal worth having!

Below is the press release for your information:

Emerald Heritage strives to preserve the Glens of Antrim

Buy the gift of your Heritage for your family for Christmas and

Help save the most de-forest land in Europe

Why not go ‘green’ this Christmas with the ultimate Irish gift? A gift that celebrates your ancestry, reclaims a piece of your Irish heritage and makes a valuable contribution to the protection of the Emerald Isle’s landscape.

Emerald Heritage offers a perfect solution to the annual dilemma of what to buy for family and friends for this holiday. With prices starting at just $50 for a square foot plot you can become an Irish landowner with a fully legal and authenticated souvenir piece of land, yours in perpetuity to pass on to future generations.  Visit your land at any time, plant a tree there or memorialize a loved one with a plaque. You can also use the courtesy title Squireen [an old Irish term for landowner] on utility bills or just to have some fun!  Perhaps more importantly, purchasing a plot means you’re playing your part in preserving and protecting this ancestral homeland of leafy glades and tumbling waterfalls, rugged cliffs and a welcome as warm as a roaring turf fire.

Emerald Heritage was created to safeguard Irish heritage and to conserve a breath-taking landscape under serious threat. In a marked contrast to its Emerald Isle moniker, Ireland is now the most de-forested country in Europe with just 1% of our native trees left standing.

With your help we can arrest this slide and begin to rebuild. Buying land is saving land, each plot purchased making a genuine contribution to conservation and keeping at bay the developers’ bulldozers.

The Emerald Heritage land is situated in the stunning Glens Of Antrim, an officially designated an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where many pivotal scenes were filmed for HBO’s critically acclaimed series Game Of Thrones.  The Glens (as they’re known locally) is also a region renowned for championing all aspects of Irish culture, from the Gaelic language to sport, dance and traditional music.  So if you’re proud of your Irish heritage, or know someone who is, why not go ‘green’ this Christmas and buy them the perfect Irish gift?

After all, why just have an affinity with the Old Country, when you can own a piece of your own?

See the video on the land and our mission

For more information on how to participate and to get your family a foot of land in Ireland for Christmas go to: